Different types of kitchen knives

July 23, 2019

Different types of kitchen knives

If you are about to purchase a new set of knives for your kitchen, it is handy to know the different types of knives as well as their purposes. That means, not all those knives are used for the same purpose and each of those knives come in different shapes.


  1. Chef knife

In general, the most used knife for home chefs is nothing but the chef’s knife. If you wonder what chef’s knife is, it is the one you use to chop vegetables and for meat prep. Most often, these knives are used by chefs on restaurants as well as on TV shows. The large blade of these knives can be used to crush garlic and olives apart from slicing and dicing.


  1. Paring knife

Paring knives are of smaller size and shorter length compared to a chef’s knife. These knives are used for smaller cutting tasks for which the chef’s knife can be too much. You can use these knives to cut fruit, mushrooms and small vegetables. Also, you can use these knives for various peeling tasks you would usually do without using a peeler.


  1. Serrated knife

This can be the third most essential knife that is used in most of the kitchens. A serrated knife can be used to cut bread without tearing or smooshing. Also, this is ideal to cut other items like soft fruits as well as veggies. This becomes handy when it comes to cutting baked stuff as well.


  1. Santoku knife

These knives are used for similar tasks that are performed by a chef’s knives. However, this knife comes with a different design. The blade of the santoku knife has a straighter and wider design. Some of the cooks can use it to mince herbs as well as to chop vegetables. Because of the special design of the santoku knife, you can slice vegetables thinner and in an easier manner.


In most of the cases, you will not need a chef’s knife if you have a santoku knife. However, for better accuracy, you will need a santoku knife.


  1. Carving Knife

In certain cases, this is called carver or a slicer. Carving knife comes with a longer and thinner blade and also a sharp tip. They work perfectly for slicing larger chunks of meat. You can expect narrower pieces so serving is easy.


A carving knife is known as a special type of knife which is designed particularly for this task. Nevertheless, this is not a must-have for your kitchen. But, if you make roasts often, fry turkeys, baked hams, etc. this might be a very handy tool.


  1. Boning knife

A boning knife is another specialty knife. If you tend to buy meat that requires some butchering (or if you are a hunter), this would be a handy tool for you. This can be used to cut through tendons, ligaments, and bones.


  1. Filleting knife

Filleting knife is ideal for those who cook fish often. This can be an optional tool for many kitchens. These knives are rather larger ones that can size up to 10 inches in length.


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