How to encourage your child to eat more vegetables?

July 23, 2019

How to encourage your child to eat more vegetables?

In general, pretty much all the vegetables can provide your child with energy, fiber and loads of vitamins. More importantly, they work as great natural antioxidants and a hydrant. So, vegetables can prevent your child from various diseases ranging from cancers to heart disease to stroke. However, in general, encouraging children to eat vegetables every day is a challenging task. But try the tricks mentioned below so you can expect better results.


  1. Present vegetables attractively

In general, children get excited when they see something colorful and of different shapes. If you offer vegetables in the same old way every day, your child can get bored and tend to refuse them. However, if you can cut and chop the vegetables in attractive shapes, your kid might get excited to try those ‘new beautiful shapes’. However, with the conventional knife, you can hardly achieve this. In this case, you will have to invest in some kitchen gadgets such as a carrot spiral slicer, spiral slice peeler and/or a vegetable cutter. Here’s a whole bunch of peelers and slicers to check.


  1. Praise your child whenever she eats vegetables

Whenever your child eats vegetables, don’t forget to praise her. To make it more effective, you should praise her telling what exactly she did. For instance, ‘Clara, you are super-awesome when you taste broccoli!’ would bring better results. However, don’t ever bribe your child with something like ice-cream or something sweat as an encouragement to eat vegetables.


  1. Get her involved in cooking/preparation

Children always like to explore new things because they are super-curious about everything they see. So, they will really love to get involved in cooking and meal preparation work. After the preparation, she will be curious to know how the food taste (because she prepared it). Here are some instances in which you can get the assistance of your child.

  • To choose vegetable for dinner during your shopping
  • Wash vegetables and salad leaves
  • Arrange sliced or shopped vegetables in a nice order
  • If the child is old enough, you can even request her to slice, dice and chop vegetables using a safe kitchen gadget (strictly under your supervision).
  • Allow children to select vegetables when shopping.


  1. Offer vegetable snacks

Some vegetables can be considered as superb snack ideas during the day. For a couple of weeks, prevent buying unhealthy snacks and offer some vegetable-based snacks whenever your child says she’s hungry.


Mentioned below are some good snack ideas

  • Nicely chopped cucumber, carrots and capsicum kept in your fridge.
  • Cherry tomatoes while they are playing in the backyard.
  • If the children are older enough, you can offer frozen baby peas as well.
  • Offer vegetables as sticks that are dipped in a substance like cheese or yoghurt.


In addition to that, try to offer vegetables in other ways (grated or pureed with soups and pastas). Also, keep discussing the health benefits of vegetables. For instance, say that they can stay more active, have good skin health and maintain perfect body shapes when they get older if they eat more vegetables.